EBC’s Club Championship Series

The Cooper EB-CT & ManAnchor Junior EB-CT series consists of four individual surfing contests which can be entered by EBC club members.

Contests will run throughout the year with a series winner being named the 2021 EBC Club Champion. Note* each surfer will drop their worst result in the final tally for the club championship, in other words you will keep your best 3 results.

Divisions include Open Mens, Womens, Masters (O35), Juniors (U16), Junior Girls (U18), Micros (U13) & Parent Assist (U10). Not age divisions include the age you turn in 2021, in other words if you 13 at any time in 2021 you are U13 – if you are 13 but turn 14 in December you are U16.

Open (Over 18) age divisions are presented by Coopers with prizes on offer at each event including a $200 1st place purse in the Opens and a $50 1st prize for Womens & Coopers prizes for Masters.

Junior Divisions are presented by ManAnchor and will feature prizes from partners Carve, SMP, Quiksilver & Ecosol.