2022 EBCT Finals Day format

The 2022 EBCT Finals are a concept based on the current WSL Finals system, which is used to determine the Men’s and Women’s World Champions.
As a competitive surfing club our responsibility is to create a pathway and competitive environment in which surfers can learn and progress. It is therefore our responsibility to use a system similar to the WSL, even if there is still some discussion around whether or not this is ultimately the best possible system. Although all our events, including this one, aim to ensure everyone is having fun, we are a competition based organisation and our goal here is to crown the best surfer in each division as our Club Champion. The Finals system is designed to achieve this by provide an opportunity for the surfers to correct any perceived anomalies in the rankings caused by their availability to compete in all the championship events throughout the year.


  – All surfers, in all divisions, are eligible to enter the EBCT Finals, no matter their previous results and rank
  – Seeding for the Finals will be based on the 2022 EBCT ranking (after 3 events) of each surfer (in the relevant division)
  – To emulate the WSL, surfers ranked amongst the top few (ideally the top 5) in each division will be seeded straight into the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS
  – However, different to the WSL, there is still hope of a title for those sitting outside the (top 5 or similar) Championship Heats, with a qualification route available;
  – All other (lower ranked) surfers will be seeded into the Qualification Draw based on their current championship ranking
  – Through the Qualification Draw, all (lower ranked) surfers will have an opportunity to qualify for the Championship Rounds, and challenge for the Club Championship
  – A standard qtr / semi / final tennis style format will be used for the Qualification Draw (as required, dependent on entrant numbers in each division)
  – After the Qualification Round (Saturday) the surfers who progress will qualify to compete in the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND (on Sunday)
  – The Championship Heats for – most divisions – will be 3-man heats with 1st & 2nd progressing to the next round (and 3rd finishing at that stage)
  – In the Open Mens & Womens divisions (as our premier divisions) the Championship heats will be man-on-man (or woman)


– The Qualification rounds will be seeded (based on current EBCT rankings) but no additional handicaps will apply
– Once we get to CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS we will use a handicap to give an (earned) advantage to the higher seeds. eg:
     – Top seed starts in water (at the start of the heat)
     – Second seed starts on beach (can paddle out at the end of the previous heat – around 30sec before their heat starts)
     – Third seed starts on beach (can paddle out at the beginning of their heat)
– This will offer the higher seeds a slight advantage, similar to starting with priority (but easier for us to manage)
– This is a slight change from last year that will mean each surfer has the full 20mins – * All heats are 20 min *

Examples of contest format:

 – Seedings (based on current rank after 3 events) shown in purple on left of name.
 – Progression shown in orange (*1-1 means; 1st from heat 1 in previous round)
 – To enlarge image:- right click – select “open image in new tab”