EBCT Finals Day format (DRAFT)
  – All surfers, in every division, are eligible to enter the finals day contest (one division per surfer)
  – Seeding will be based on your current 2021 ranking after the first 2 events of the year (in the relevant division)
  – Surfers ranked amongst the top few in each division will be seeded straight into the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS
  – All other surfers will be seeded into the preliminary draw based on their current championship ranking
  – Top 2 (1st & 2nd) seeded straight into the CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL
  – Next 2 (3rd & 4th) seeded into the second CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
  – Next 2 (5th-6th) seeded into the first CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
  – Next 4 (7th-10th) will receive top ranking in round 1 preliminary heats
  – A standard qtr / semi / final tennis style format will be used for the preliminary rounds (as required, dependent on entrant numbers in each division)
  – After the final of the preliminary rounds, the top 2 surfers will qualify for the first CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND.
  – The top two surfers from the first CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND will qualify for the second CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND etc
  – Once we get to CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS we will use a time bias to give an (earned) advantage to the higher seeds, eg:
     – 20 min heats
     – Top seed starts in water
     – Second seed starts on beach (at start of heat – giving top seed the advantage of a few minutes alone in the line up)
     – Next 2 seeds start from the beach at the 15min mark
Example of contest format:
 – Seedings shown in second column of each round
 – Automatic seedings denoted in grey
 – To enlarge image:- right click – select “open image in new tab”